Elder’s Vision

From the Elders
One of the questions we elders have received off and on relates to vision: “What is our vision?” Do we even have a vision? How come we don’t have a vision?”

We as elders want you to know that we do have a vision that we believe God has given us: It is that we are a disciple-making church (Mt 28:18-20). In other words, our goal is to help folks become mature followers and servants of Jesus Christ, who can disciple others. May God help us to get better and better at fulfilling this vision!

So how are we at Cole to make disciples? We believe that we are called to make disciples by “Equipping the Saints” (Eph. 4:11-12); that is, we are to focus on maturing our people in Christ so they can serve Him wherever He places them. As we’ve said around here, we “Gather to grow, and scatter to sow.” That’s our calling!

So how are we to equip the saints, to grow them into mature followers of Jesus? The primary ways we do that are:

Teaching Ministry

We are committed to Expository Teaching (i.e. exposing what’s in the text, not reading into it our preconceptions) in our Sunday Services and in most of our ministries, wherever we can. As seen in 2 Timothy 3: 16-17, it is the Word that equips us and grows us!

Relational Ministry

We believe people grow as we are in relationship with one another, mentoring, supporting, loving; “life on life,” “befriend and impart” are expressions of how we do this. So, we focus on relationships in our ministries.

New Covenant Ministry

As Paul describes in 2 Corinthians 3:5-6, we believe ministry is done ultimately by the Lord in us; so our goal is to depend on Him to work in and through us, through the power of the Holy Spirit. So prayer is vital in all our ministries, along with helping people truly know and worship our Lord from the heart.

Emphasizing Grace

We recognize that none of us deserve His love and forgiveness–we are all fully dependent on His grace every moment. We want to emphasize this great truth in all we teach and do.

Giving Ourselves Away

We believe we grow in Christ not for ourselves, but so we can invest our resources and our lives in the Lord’s Kingdom. So we want to encourage the body at Cole to reach out with the love of Christ and serve Him at Cole, in our community and in our world, to impact our worlds for Him. For example, our new Cole Service Ministry was created to make it easier for you to serve others and give yourself away.

Some of our Ministries

In all our ministries we are trying to live out the above principles. The following are some of our ministries at Cole:

  • Sunday Morning Services
  • Global Workers and Field Staff; Short-term Outreach
  • Growth Groups
  • Worship Ministry
  • Women’s, Men’s, Children’s, Youth, Young Adults
  • Cole Center for Biblical Studies
  • Cole Service Ministry
  • Current service ministries- Library, Ushers, Coffee, Greeters, etc.
  • Cole Valley Christian School

This is our vision, this is who we are at Cole. Some churches emphasize evangelism, some emphasize social programs–feeding the poor, etc.; and there are many other emphases. While we do want our folks to be involved in many of these kinds of ministries, because our emphasis is equipping the saints our programs, our Sunday services, and all our ministries are designed to help you grow in Christ so you can live out your faith wherever God places you in the world.