Sunday School

We operate a year-round Sunday School program for two year olds through sixth grade. Nursery is available for infants and toddlers. Each Sunday School classroom is staffed with a minimum of two teachers and two helpers serving on alternate Sundays. The school year staff serves from September through Memorial Day and summer staff serves from June through Labor Day.

It is very important to us that the children in our program receive solid biblical teaching and are stretched in their faith. We want them to be spiritually growing and learning through our Sunday School program and applying biblical truths to their daily lives. Our general plan for Sunday School is for the preschool children to learn the foundational Old Testament stories about God, their Creator and Provider, and the New Testament stories about the life of Jesus, their Lord and Savior. Then, as elementary students, the children study these stories more in-depth, along with a focus on missions in fourth grade and personal discipleship in fifth and sixth grades. We are committed to having our class time fully utilized to the teaching and application of God’s Word and building of relationships amongst the children and teachers.

We are blessed with many willing servants here at Cole Community Church who desire to have an impact on a child’s life and are willing to serve in this ministry. We screen our workers and come to personally know them so that we are confident in the safety of the children with whom we are entrusted. We meet quarterly with the Sunday School staff to offer training and equipping and focus on spiritual nourishment and prayer.