Staff Directory

Contact Information: Staff: (208) 375-3565 + ext
Church Offices Office Phone 375-3565
  Fax 375-2862  
Cole Valley Christian Schools    
  Elementary 947-1212  
  Fax 375-2862  
  Secondary Campus 947-1212  
  Fax 898-9016  
Teaching & Worship Ministry Jackson Cramer ext. 114
Glocal Ministry Steve Evans ext. 113
CVCS Schools Duane Gray 377-5002  
Children’s Ministries Ron Hilbrands 891-6322  
Women’s Ministry Art Ortman 362-0101  
Global Outreach and Marriage Rodd Ritchie ext. 111
Cole Center for Biblical Studies and Growth Groups Ted Spangler 375-6533  
Youth Ministries Tyson Stichka 208-861-6401
Adult Education Jackson Cramer ext. 114
All Ages & Stages Rich Kitson 371-3750
Children’s Ministries Valerie Tucker ext. 143
Ministry Assistant Cindy Mork ext. 142
Sunday Emergency Number (Sunday School Issues) 861-9775  
Church Administration Steve Evans ext. 113
Bookkeeping Lori Turner ext. 119
Publications and Website Raelynn Cramer
Financial Assistant Bill Hall ext. 115
Office Support Loree Hill ext. 110
  Katie DeWolfe ext.110
  Debbie Ciulla ext.121
Becky Gochnour ext. 121
Cole Center for Biblical Studies Josh Cramer ext. 112
Cole Service Ministry Leroy Custer 863-4765  
  Bryan Smith 938-8747  
CVCS Superintendent Brad Carr 947-1212
Family Camp Church Office 375-3565
Fit to be Tied Jerry & Jan Nielson 853-1780  
Global Outreach Asher Sarjent ext. 116
Ministry Assistant Cindy Kyle
Glocal Community Partners Nick & Laura Armstrong N: 440-6067
L: 440-6660
Growth Groups Josh Cramer ext. 112
Idaho Mountain Ministries David & Carolyn Roper 376-6607
International Garden Mark Van Skyver 859-3080  
Library Bruce & Tona Tuttle 375-6927  
Marriage Rodd Ritchie ext. 113
Ministry Assistant Ellen Kitson ext. 137
Men’s Ministries Jackson Cramer ext. 114
Ministry Assistant HernĂ¡n De La Cruz 375-3565
Mom2Mom Cindy Mork ext. 142
Pastoral Care Mark Matthews 473-0881
Prayer Ministries      
Prayer Chain Church Office 375-3565  
Corporate Prayer Cathi Danzer 327-0084  
Body Life Prayer Ray Mickelson 208-869-1519  
Pulpit Teaching Ministry Jackson Cramer est. 114
  Rodd Ritchie ext. 111
Women’s Ministries Mary Ann Porter ext. 134
  Yvette Westendorf ext. 126
Ministry Assistant Tammy Nesbitt ext. 124
Bible Study Janet Schultz 484-8167  
  Michelle Larson 724-0947  
  Julie Schulz 345-8710  
Helping Hands Mary Ann Porter ext. 134
Yvette Westendorf ext. 126
Women’s Night Out Tammy Nesbitt ext. 124
Women’s Retreat Yvette Westendorf ext. 126
The Widow Connection Katie DeWolfe 571-5786
Worship & Music Adrianne Fisher ext. 136
Ministry Assistant Suzy Rosenvall ext. 122
Worship Support      
Coffee Ministry Paul Shaffer 853-7923  
Ushers Rick Padour 377-3481  
Welcome Paulette Dixon 376-7643  
  Kelly Harrod 322-3340  
College/Young Adult Josh Cramer ext. 112
Ministry Assistant Jancy Schrader
Youth Ministries Jim Brown ext. 117
Ministry Assistant Katrin Wyatt ext. 145